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Crochet Eyelash or Feather yarn Scarf Pattern

It was my mum’s birthday recently, and although she’s not a yarn lover, she does love eyelash and feather yarns. So I crocheted her an eyelash scarf. Most people don’t try crocheting with this yarn, but here is an easy way to succeed.

The bonus of making this scarf in crochet, is that it won’t morph into a super skinny scarf under its own weight like the knitted ones do:-)

You will need four balls of feather or eyelash yarn.

With a 10mm (N/P) hook, hold one strand of eyelash yarn, and chain the desired length of the scarf (put the chain around your neck as you would wear your scarf, it should just reach the top of your hips). You are making the scarf vertically.

Change hooks, the rest of the scarf is made using a 9mm (M/N) hook.

The first row is the most difficult, after this you will breeze through it. DC (US terminology) into the third chain from hook, and every other chain. Pull the strands apart to see the chains when necessary.

At the end of that first row, chain 3 and turn.

Now DC into the gaps in between the DC posts. Just feel for them. Or stretch the work out and hold it up to the light. Easy peasy. Put 1 DC in every gap.

At the end of each row, chain 3, turn, DC in same stitch and every other “gap” in the row for each row. (See the note below if you’d like a SLOTTED scarf). If not, continue making rows in DC until you have the width you like. (When you need to attach the next ball of yarn, just knot it to the previous strand and continue).

(NB: A slotted scarf is a scarf with a small gap in it, so that you can pull one end of the scarf through to secure it snuggly around your neck, without having to knot or wrap it to wear it, it does sit very nicely this way).

For a SLOTTED Scarf . . .
If you like, you can make a slot in the scarf for easy wearing. This is easily done. When you have crocheted half your desired width (it doesn’t matter if the slot is not totally centred), put the scarf around your neck, and place stitch markers where you’d like the slot to be, according to how close to your neck you would like your scarf to secure. When you reach the first stitch marker, stop making DCs and chain four, and skip four stitches (gaps), and crochet a DC into the next stitch (gap) after the missed four, then continue making DCs. On the next row, when you reach the chains, DC into each chain. Then continue the rest of the row in DCs. Keep completing rows until you have the width you desire for the scarf.

Sewing in Ends – How to do it with Eyelash and Feather yarns

You can’t really sew in ends with feather or eyelash yarn, as they will slip out with the wearing. Make knots in any joins of any ends that are hanging close to the work, to prevent unravelling. Then cut the ends to about a centimetre (half an inch) away from the knot, and fluff it up so it blends in with the scarf.

Wallah !! Wear it with pride ! Happy birthday mum !


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these instructions. We cannot be responsible for differences in individual stitching techniques or typographical errors.

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  1. Jacqui says:

    Looks great and thanks for the detailed step by step pattern. I might just make one of these one day.

  2. cat says:

    Thanks for the tip on the slot, I was always going to do it a harder way, now I know better.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you Jacqui :-) )

    Cat, its great that I can give the pattern Queen a tip !! Thank you for the great compliment :-)

  4. cat says:

    So Stra, have you charged up the camera batteries for taking pictures and blogging more? I check your site quite often for new posts. I’m looking to learn more from you, you clever girl!

  5. admin says:

    Oh Cat you’re too kind !

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