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Hate housework? Declutter & cleaning help!

This site originally came about because after 17 years of working in offices, I had children and needed to find a way to learn homemaking and housekeeping. From there I began an adventure in fibre arts and crafts. Lets get you moving and motivated in cleaning and decluttering your house SO THAT you then have time for other pursuits in life.   I am taking this journey with you every day !!

Are you overwhelmed by mess & clutter and in need a friendly, practical approach?

Have you ever felt like this? We’ve all felt this way at some point in our lives :-) . In the following pages you will find organizing, housework and motivation help, such as what to do when you’re staring at a huge mess and have no desire to do anything about it. Part of you wants the housework done and the clutter gone, but another part of you doesn’t know where to begin to get organized, and is a bit, well, overwhelmed.

Just imagine having a clean uncluttered home. Finding things you forgot you had, not having to re-buy things you couldn’t find, having more space in your home and a real day off once a week. This will be you!

Let’s take you by the hand & help you organize your life. Proceed to Page 2 – Why am I messy?

An uncluttered, peaceful looking room. What joy !