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No Ordinary Life

Do you just love an uplifting and encouraging song?

Here are two songs that I just have to tell you about. If you sing along to them, they will lift you amazingly. I have not included all the lyric, so you can learn more about Roma Waterman by clicking on her name below. The lyrics are just amazing . .

I Was Carried

by Roma Waterman

If you ask me how I’m feeling,

Was broken to pieces, Now I’m healing,

If you ask me, How I get through,

Something stronger, Than me and you

As I look back, I keep smiling,

Coz through the heartache, I kept fighting,

I’m not perfect, Some days I fall,

I don’t give up, Through it all

There has been, A kiss of grace,

On my weary tear-stained face,

And I cannot walk away, From this truth I know

I was carried in the arms of a stronger man,

I was lifted by the angel’s gentle hand,

I was rescued from the eye of a raging storm ,

I was given wings to fly over it all,

There’s no other way to say it,

I was carried . . .


No Ordinary Life
by Roma Waterman

You can be all you want to be,

You gotta do all you can, So get yourself free,

I believe you’re a miracle child, Don’t be afraid to run yourself wild

We forget that before we die, We gotta dance through life to the music inside,

This is the song we need to be singing, This is the life we need to be living

I wanna to be 17 ’till I’m 95, I wanna live on the edge till I learn to fly,

Climb the mountain just to touch the sky yeaah,

See the world from a different view, Run this race til my dreams come true,

This is no ordinary life . . . .

The lyrics are much better with the music of course, so you might want to search these songs in iTunes. Enjoy !!


  1. Beth says:

    I really enjoyed reading her blog also, she’s no ordinary person. I found her chat as uplifting as her song, thanks. Sometimes you find those people just when you really need them!

  2. admin says:

    I haven’t even read her blog !! Must go there now . . .

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