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Op Shopping for Craft Materials

Hi there everyone, as you all know, I love an afternoon op shopping, looking for cheap interesting bits and pieces for my crafting and yarning habits. I also love to search for vintage patterns. There’s something about looking at vintage stuff whilst listening to “Magic 693″ on the overhead radio that is very relaxing. I think its because dad always listens to it at home, and also the music takes you to another place in time.

I was disappointed to not find woolen jumpers (what I actually went for LOL) – I use them for either felting or unravelling. The one or two I did find had gross GROSS colours.

However I did find some other stuff – see below:

Quilt, its nice and thick, in perfect condition, and all hand stitched with perfect tiny stitches (what patience!): paid $8.50 for this (the tissue box is there for size comparison):
OpShop28Aug08 011 quilt

Suede hooded long jacket, fully lined, looks like it was never worn (the mark is from the camera flash):

OpShop28Aug08 008 coat

OpShop28Aug08 012 lining

Patterns of simple stuff for me to make – 50 cents each

OpShop28Aug08 009 patterns

Jacket in a gorgeous weave, fully lined. Its a size 10 so I either lose weight or make it into a seriously gorgeous handbag.

OpShop28Aug08 013 jacket 10

I also got a full set of Lightning McQueen (my daughter’s fave DVD) licenced toys for $3.50, and she also managed to find a never used Lightning McQueen back pack (for $3.75). There’s some really great puns on it. “RPM . . . Nighttime Backfire Suppressant” and “Re-Volting . . rebuilt alternative” as well as padded pictures of McQueen and Matey. She loves it.

Hope you enjoyed my trip !


  1. Jacqui says:

    What great finds, not bad for a hard days work =)
    The quilted blanket is gorgeous, alot of hard work would have gone into that.

  2. cat says:

    I like both the jackets, pity you may have to cut up the green one. I had to go search for Lightning McQueen , der, the cars movie, I should have known that my dgs loves him.

  3. Deb says:

    OOoh Ooooh , I am a size 10!!

    That green jacket is far too gorgeous to cut up! What a find, I never find such beautiful things when i go op-shopping.

    Want to sell it to me??

  4. Chrysalis says:

    I think the jacket’s pattern would make a great colourful tote :)
    It’s your bargain – sew as you wish!

    Great blog xx

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