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Crochet Hook Case swap

Hi there !! I’ve been too busy to blog lately, but here is my finished crochet hook case for my swap partner at Crochet Lovers Victoria on I chose to go with a Victorian style for the case.

I hope she likes it !! (I will reveal her name after she has received it in the mail :-)

(Please double click on the picture. The quality is better when viewed this way.)

Here it is open of course:

As you all know, I’m a beginner sewer, and the hardest part for me was sewing straight lines LOL ! The tie is a crocheted lacework band with a button loop at the end, so that when the case rolls up, it can be secured.

Hugs to all !

Hello Kitty 12 inch afghan granny square

I made this Hello Kitty square recently for a Ravelry friend who was unwell …

This square is my own interpretation. I have improvised based on information found on the web, and have linked to some archived web pages that were very hard to find. This is not a standard Hello Kitty pattern square, this is a 12 inch square. (much much bigger).

Below you will find links to the original Hello Kitty square, as well as a written version of the face.    You could choose to make these as is, in a thicker yarn for increased size, and then just add some extra rows if you need them, to reach your square size.  Or you could do what I did, experiment a little . . .

I increased the face size, plus added a colour border with a thread of gold, I therefore had to play with stitch lengths around the face (sc, hdc, dc, dtc) to get the square to form around the face properly – this needs to be experimented with because it depends on how big you make your face, and what size yarn you use. After that I added colour and sparkles for two rows, and kept increasing the square size until I got to the size required. For the eyes and nose I crocheted little circles or simply used buttons. I hope this helps you to develop your own Hello Kitty interpretation.

I took inspiration from several links:

backpack pattern (web archives), its the only “written” pattern I could find for it – it helps you to roughly understand that if you start with a small chain, SC on each side of it, and keep going around and around (adding more stitches on the ends) you end up with a short oval. To this you simply add ears, decreasing at the end of each row of the ears until you come to a point. Then join to attach the other ear, leaving just a small space between the ears. Once you understand this concept, you can make the face any size you want without the need to adhere to any pattern, then add borders if you need it even larger. Adding borders smooths out the outline, and adding a colour border as the final border can make the face stand out well. For the ribbon, crochet a long rectangle and tie some yarn in the centre.  The eyes and nose can be little crochet circles or buttons.

You can use this concept to make a kitty face for anything at all. See the bottom of this post for a picture of a face I made to sew on a simple felt bag. I used some cushion stuffing in between the felt and the crochet :-) – just crochet some simple straps to match.

diagram, (arrow down to the bottom of that web page) – this helped a little, but because the face is bigger, experimentation with various stitch lengths around the face to go from round to square is needed.

After I did all this, I discovered a Hello Kitty group on !! There are dozens of links and ideas there.

My next goal is to make this pattern: Hello Kitty hat and scarf by Kotka.  I think her interpretation is wonderful !


Dreamcatcher afghan square

I made this square recently for a Ravelry friend’s comfort ghan, several of us got together and contributed a square of our choosing, and any colour we liked. The Dreamcatcher is my favourite pattern:

Its gorgeous, and would look great in a variegated (multicoloured) yarn. If you’re interested in making one, you can find the pattern here.

Edit: this link is temporarily not working.  Click on this URL in the meantime :-)


Enjoy !

The Bag of Too Many Colours

Hey everyone. I have just finished making a bag, which I made with all the terrible coloured $2 acrylic yarns that I’ve had lying about for years, and remnants I only had a small amount of.

Most of the bag is made with these yarns, held together to make one thick strand:

I made a red stripe with one strand of leftover super thick red yarn held with one strand of the rainbow yarn, and a greenish stripe is made with these, I just kept the stripe going until the pink yarn ran out:

When I got to the handle, I ran out of the burgundy yarn in the first picture, and replaced it with a pale purple yarn, but kept the rest of the strands.

So I managed to use up most of the remnants of yarn I had, and made a “bag of too many colours”, but hey, its functional ! For the lining, I used an old pillowcase, and used the excess to make two long pockets on one side, and a short pocket on the other, plus I covered the thick cardboard I used for the base with it :-)

And now for the unveiling, the bag looks like this !

And the inside (you can see the pockets):

So all in all, a functional, semi attractive bag made from yarns I wasn’t going to be making any clothing with. The pattern for the bag is the Easy Peasy Crochet Bag and can be found here.

The handle is quite simple. When you get to the place where you’d like the handle to start, stop crocheting and (use stitch markers to mark the places so its even) chain as many chains as you’d like the length of the handle to be. In this case I chained 66, and then skip a section of SC’s and do a SC to attach the other end of the handle, and keep crocheting until you get to the other side, and do the same. Then keep single crocheting around, and when you get to the first handle, do a SC in each chain. SC around the entire top of the bag, including the handles, three times, so that the handle is three rows, then slip stitch to join at the side of the bag.

This same idea can be used to make a very low, flat handle, with just enough gap to get your fingers through.

This bag is very large, actually it measures 46cm across, 33cm in height (not including the handles), and it has a base which is 13cm wide. It will make a great nappy bag !

Winter Sky Scarf – made with hand dyed yarn

I finally finished it ! This was white woollen yarn which I dyed myself (see earlier post for a pic of the dyeing process). Then my friend Cheryl came by yesterday and brought some broken necklaces and beads for crafting and she had the perfect colour to adorn the ends of the scarf with !

The colours change slowly from warm reds/light aquas/grassy greens to wintery turquois and dark burgundy. It moves colours slowly, but the ends are the most different – I like its uniqueness. It is exactly 95 grams of wool. The pattern is Shelly at Crochet Me and can be found here.