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Make your own crochet hook, carve it, whittle it!

Recently I started experimenting with carving my own crochet hooks. It is difficult to get afghan (tunisian) crochet hooks that are wide enough or long enough. So with just a paring knife and some old 120 sandpaper, this was my first attempt at any hook : Now, for my second attempt, I introduce, my new [...]

Crochet Hook Case swap

Hi there !! I’ve been too busy to blog lately, but here is my finished crochet hook case for my swap partner at Crochet Lovers Victoria on I chose to go with a Victorian style for the case. I hope she likes it !! (I will reveal her name after she has received it [...]

Hello Kitty 12 inch afghan granny square

I made this Hello Kitty square recently for a Ravelry friend who was unwell … This square is my own interpretation. I have improvised based on information found on the web, and have linked to some archived web pages that were very hard to find. This is not a standard Hello Kitty pattern square, this [...]

Stramendous Textured Vertical Scarf, Crochet Pattern

This pattern uses different textures and thicknesses of yarns which causes it to ruffle and curl, and creates a warm, rich, textured looking scarf. There is no weaving in of ends in this scarf, and you can use up your yarn stash if you wish. If you want a FLAT (non ruffled, non curled) effect, [...]

Vintage Patterns

I love hunting in Op Shops for vintage crochet patterns. I love all things vintage. The old styles and fads fascinate me. Some are not so vintage, just bargains . . . here are some pics . . . This woman looks kind of like the lady in the “puffin muffins” iSelect insurance ad on [...]