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Old Time Market Place

Hey there everyone. Recently we all went to see a theatre group called “The Cinquanta” who replicate an old time market place, placed in the late 1800′s to early 1900′s in Italy, as a moving museum. All the equipment pieces are actual antique pieces from the time. The group also sang folks songs of the [...]

Op Shopping for Craft Materials

Hi there everyone, as you all know, I love an afternoon op shopping, looking for cheap interesting bits and pieces for my crafting and yarning habits. I also love to search for vintage patterns. There’s something about looking at vintage stuff whilst listening to “Magic 693″ on the overhead radio that is very relaxing. I [...]

Vintage Patterns

I love hunting in Op Shops for vintage crochet patterns. I love all things vintage. The old styles and fads fascinate me. Some are not so vintage, just bargains . . . here are some pics . . . This woman looks kind of like the lady in the “puffin muffins” iSelect insurance ad on [...]